Windows and Mobile Programming (PROG2120) Assignment 02 solved


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– Become familiar with object oriented programming in C#
– Become familiar with the .NET Framework
– Become familiar with developing a WPF application
Develop a WPF Windows application in C# to provide simple text editing Here are the requirements:
1. The overall user interface should have a menu at the top, a status bar at the bottom, and the
remaining area in between as the work area for editing.
2. Implement a menu that has “File Options Help” as the top level item.
3. Implement “New”, “Open”, “Save As” and “Close” as the menu items in “File”.
a. “New” allows you to start a new file for editing. If there is text in the work area, you
must give the user the chance to save the file. Use the Save File Dialog if a save is
b. “Open” must display the Open File Dialog and allow you to choose a text file to Open
and load into the work area of your application.
c. “Save As” must display the Save File Dialog and allow you to save a text file with the
content from your work area.
d. “Close” closes the application.
4. Implement “About” as the menu item in “Help”
a. About should bring up a modal About Box with the standard information about your
application. It should behave like most common about boxes in windows applications.
5. Implement a Status Bar at the bottom of the window that displays the current count of
characters in the work area. As you type, or delete, you should have this number updated.
6. There is no implementation requirement for “Options”. However, as a challenge, you may
consider implementing options like Word Wrap or Font.
7. Follow SET coding standards.
Hand in:
1. The solution in a zip folder.