Windows and Mobile Programming (PROG2120) Assignment 01 solved


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– Practice creating a Windows application using the Win32 API
– Demonstrate the ability to handle messages for common controls
Develop a Windows application in C/C++ using the Win32 API.
The application has the following characteristics:
1. The title bar on your application should read: “your name: Assignment 01”, where your name is
your first and last name.
2. Your Windows form should have two ListBoxes and a button between them.
3. The button should have the word, “Move” on it.
4. Upon startup, the ListBox on the left should be filled with the following data:
“John Smith”
“Mark Ryan”
“Jerry Hayes”
“Anthony Hodgins”
“Bart Simpson”
5. Upon startup, the ListBox on the right should be empty.
6. When an item in the left ListBox is selected, clicking the “Move” button moves that single item
from the left ListBox to the right ListBox.
7. If an item is NOT selected in the left ListBox, or if the left ListBox is empty, the “Move” button
does nothing.
Stretch Requirement1
– The “Move” button is enabled only when you select an item to “Move”. If you cannot “Move”,
the “Move” button should be disabled. (When disabled, the button is greyed out and does not
respond to a click.)
Good application design and programming technique is expected.
The submission must be a zip folder with the “cleaned”, completed solution.
A “clean” solution does not contain any DEBUG or RELEASE folders, and has the *.db file removed from
the root.
The “Stretch Requirement” helps to distinguish between a potential “A” or “A+” in the assignment.