Windows Programming – PROG2120 Assignment #5 solved


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Servers are generally run as services on the Windows platform. This eliminates the need for a user to log
into the computer to start the server service.
In this assignment, you will convert your server (from assignment 04) to run as a service.
Ideally, you will work in the same group as you did with Assignment 04.
– Use the code from the server portion of Assignment 04 as the basis for your service
– The service must report activity (such as start, stop, suspend and resume), and any exceptions
that occur during normal operation. This “log” should be a text file you are appending to, and
should exist in the same folder that the service executable is running from.
– Do not use the default names for the service or installer
Hand in one zipped folder containing your solution.
Only one submission is required per group. Make sure you put the group member names in the
comments for the Assignment Submission in eConestoga.