Windows Programming – PROG2120 Assignment #4 – Revised solved


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There are many IPC protocols available, other than TCPIP. When a platform is homogenous, the
implementations of these protocols are often easier than a more generalized one, like TCPIP.
In this assignment, you will implement an IPC protocol, other than TCPIP.
Build a Chat system that will allow two people to talk to one another, ideally on two different
computers. The communication between the two people is managed by a separate program we will call
the Chat Server.
– You may use any IPC protocol except TCPIP
– Use a WPF solution for the client programs
– Use a Console application for the Chat Server
– The chat must be supported between two users (if possible, on two computers)
– Either person in the chat may end the chat session. When ended, the communication paths
must end gracefully.
– If you choose to support multiple users, it is recommended you implement the Chat Server as a
multi-threaded listener.
Important Notes:
– You must consider the possibility that both users may be entering data at the same time. You
must provide a short statement of whether your solution supports simultaneous entry of data or
not. If it does not support it, describe how you would change your code.
Hand in one zipped folder containing all solutions and the document discussing simultaneous data entry.
Only one submission is required per group. Make sure you put the group member names in the
comments for the Assignment Submission in eConestoga.
You will be required to demonstrate your solution during the lab period.