CSCE 240 Homework 5 solved


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You shall submit a zipped, and only zipped, archive of your homework directory,
hw5. The directory shall contain, at a minimum, the files and directories
• hw5/inc/tax.h,
• hw5/src/,
• hw5/inc/item.h,
• hw5/src/,
Name the archive submission file
I will use my own makefile to link and build your submission files. You must submit
these four files. Run make clean on your directory before submission.
This assignment tests your ability to implement a class in C++, provided an interface specification. The
UML class diagram above is a visual representation of the class. Keep in mind, UML is language-agnostic.
That means that it cannot represent some features of given languages e.g. const Class&. Default to further
specification provided by the interface given in the headers.
Read the provided header file documentation for instructions on method behavior. In addition to documentation, I provide several tests which will link to your classes and provide basic illustration of class functionality.
In this problem, I do not provide all tests. This is an opportunity to write tests as you see fit. I do
offer a framework into which you can plug your tests.
Late assignments will lose 10% per day late, with no assignment begin accepted after 3 days late (at >
30% reduction in points).
The point allocation is provided in each file.