CSCE 240 Homework 2 solved


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This assignment tests your ability to parse data based on a provided format. The premise is a text-based
grade book with which you will interact using basic file I/O. You will provide a small library of three
• GetGrade
• GetMaxGradeStudentId
• GetAvgGrade
The functions shall accept a character string which can be used to open a file with an fstream object.
The file format is described as: number of students student id number of grades grade 0 grade 1 grade n
Read the provided header file documentation for instructions on how the functions should work.
I have provided you a basic test app which you can use to ensure that your code is somewhat passing.
I would suggest a much more rigorous testing scheme. Your code must behave as indicated in the documentation. Passing the tests is not enough to get full credit. You may call the test by using
./test parse scores gradebook.txt
Late assignments will lose 10% per day late, with no assignment begin accepted after 3 days.
Check your syllabus for the breakdown of grading.