CSCE 240 Homework 3 solved

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Sometimes when I sit in restaurants waiting on food, I request the children’s menu to play the games. One
of my favorites is the word puzzle in which you search for words hidden in a scramble of letters. I began to
work out a solution to this game programmatically. That seemed a little simple, so I decided to have you
solve the problem of a scramble of integers, finding the sub-row or sub-column which sums to another integer.
You will provide me with a library containing (at least) the function FindSum as demonstrated in the
file sum You should read the header file as well as my test file to understand what is expected
from the library. Do note that the preconditions keep you from any unpleasantness due to array bounds and
the like.
I have provided you a basic test application which you can use to ensure that your code is, at least partially,
correct. I would suggest a more rigorous testing scheme to ensure that your methods handle any edge cases.
Late assignments will lose 10% per day late, with no assignment begin accepted after 3 days (at 100%
reduction in points).
You will receive 1.5 points for each if your FindSum function finds:
• horizontal summation left-to-right,
• horizontal summation right-to-left,
• vertical summations top-to-bottom,
• vertical summations bottom-to-top,
• that the summation does not exist (2 points)