CSCE 240 Homework 4 solved


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This assignment tests your ability to implement a class in C++, provided an interface specification. The
UML class diagram above is a visual representation of the class. Keep in mind, UML is language-agnostic.
That means that it cannot represent some features of given languages e.g. const Class&. Default to further
specification provided by the interface given in the header.
Read the provided header file documentation for instructions on method behavior. In addition to documentation, I provide several tests which will link to your classes and provide basic illustration of class functionality.
Late assignments will lose 10% per day late, with no assignment begin accepted after 3 days late (at 30%
reduction in points).
The point allocation is as follows:
• Compilation with test files: 1 point.
• Correct behavior of Tax::Calculate: 2 points.
• Correct behavior of Tax::Extract: 2.5 points.
• Correct behavior of Tax::Insert: 2.5 points.