VE311 Electronic Circuits Homework 08 solved


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1. Write an expression for the transfer function of the amplifier (Fig. 1) and identify
the location of the two low-frequency poles and two low-frequency zeros. Assume
ro = ∞ and gm = 5 mS. What are the lower-cut off frequency and midband gain of
the amplifier?
Figure 1: Schematic Diagram of a Common-Gate Amplifier
2. What are the midband gain and upper-cut off frequency for the common-emitter amplifier shown in Fig. 2, if IC = 1 mA and β0 = 100?, What is the gain-bandwidth
product for this amplifier?
Figure 2: Schematic Diagram of a Common-Emitter Amplifier
3. Find Amid, fL and fH for the amplifier depicted in the follow Fig. 3, if β0 = 100, fT=
200 MHz, Cµ = 1 pF and rs= 350 Ω
Figure 3: Schematic Diagram of a Common-Emitter Amplifier
4. By using the proper tools (hint: “Spice”) analyze (I mean “simulate”) the follow
circuit depicted in Fig 4. Obtain the magnitude and phase of the multistage circuit
for the follow set of parameters: vi = 10 cos(2πf t) where f= 0.002 Hz, 1 Hz, 50 kHz, 2
GHz. It is expected that the student give a proper explanation for the results obtained.
This example was solved in class, so the answer sholuld be according to.
Figure 4: Schematic Diagram of a Three Stage Amplifier