VE311 Electronic Circuits Homework 07 solved


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• Poles and Zeros
1. Solve the follow set of equations find if the system is stable or inestable. What
is the frequency at -3dB Use the plots of Bode and Nyquist and support your
response. Mathematical development is required, magic does not exist.
FL(s) = s(s + 10)
(s + 100)(s + 25)
F H(s) = 1 −
(1 + s
10000 )(1 + s
40000 )
2. Solve the follow circuits and interpret the result if those are stable o inestable
through Bode and Nyquist diagrams. Magic only exist in Hogwarts… and even
there you’ve to study…
In the follow circuit, the output voltage is referred to the inductor for a vg(t) =
10 sin(277t)
For the follow circuit, the output voltage is analyzed at resistor R2 = 4Ω. The
applied voltage is v0(t) = πt
. And yes, this is a variable source. So enjoy!!!.
3. For the next circuit, derive the expressions for V1/Vi
, V2/V1, V0/Vi
. Calculate the
poles and zeros, obtain the bode diagram and compare it with a simulation in
Spice, explain…, if (PLEASE: PAY ATTENTION HERE!!!!!!) R= 10 kΩ,
C1= 20 µF, R1= 10 kΩ, C2= 4.7 mF and Rf= 100 kΩ Vi = 100 cos(600t)