VE311 Electronic Circuits Homework 01 solved


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1. Write a simple code in either Fortran or C/C++ to calculate the first 10 000 numbers
after the decimal point for the follow set of irrational numbers:
• π
• e
2. Demonstrate algebraically that 1+1=2
3. By using the appropriate method, solve the follow circuits. The circuit of Figure 1,
find the voltage that is passing through the inductor while V0(t) = 10 V. As for Figure
2, calculate the current that is passing through the inductor while V0(t)= 1∠38e
t V
and V2=1 V.
Figure 1: Circuit one
Figure 2: Circuit two
Submit a detailed report for each one for the sections. In particular, we’re going to pay
attention to the algorithms used for both π and e. So, explain them in detail and you should
prove that your program runs to the TAs.