VE311 Electronic Circuits Homework 05 solved


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• Single Transistor Amplifiers
1. Find the gain and input signal range for this amplifier. In contrast with the
example seen in lecture, the performance of this array was actually improved?
By considering a βF1=17 and βF2=23, Kn= 0.3 A/V2
, TT N =-3 V, λ= 0.01×10−2
, VA1=50 V and VA2= 35 V, for Si-based devices.
Figure 1: Sexy amplifier array
2. Find the midband voltage gain and input resistance of the amplifier in Fig. 2 if
capacitors C2 and C4 are removed from the circuit. Considering a β1=87, β2=13,
Kn= 0.9 A/V2
, TT N =-12 V, λ= 0.007 V−1
, VA1=4 V and VA2= 42 V, for Si-based
Figure 2: Amplify array
3. What are the midband voltage gain, input and output resistance of the amplifier
shown in Fig. 3, by considering β1=300 and β2=42 for Si-based devices.
Figure 3: Amplify array