Assignment 8 Travelling salesman solved


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You are planning a delivery route through a number of cities for a big company. Your
origin is near the Existential Typography Clinic of Wisconsin (code ETCW), meaning
that you are to design a tour that starts and ends with this location and goes through
all the cities on the route at least once. Your goal is to minimize the overall cost of the
tour (i.e., the sum of the weights of all edges in the cycle). Note that you are required
to visit all vertices, but are allowed to go through individual vertices more than once.
Also note that your cycle does not need to be the shortest possible cycle, just best
effort (i.e. shorter is better).

The input file map.txt lists the cost (in dollars) of traveling between roughly 1500
destination cities (marked by four-letter abbreviations). This cost is based primarily
on mileage between cities, but includes the price of fuel and the like. For example,
one entry in the file reads ETCW à RJWT: 807, indicating that travel from ETCW to
the RJWT costs $807. You may assume that the provided input file, named map.txt is
the only input (i.e. you may access it explicitly in your code and not expect any inputs
to your program), and that the provided graph is undirected.

Your solution should consist of a text file, with the weight of your cycle on the first
line, followed by one vertex name per line denoting the vertices of your cycle. This
solution should be provided by your program, if it is compiled and ran using your
makefile on the lab computers. You do not have to find the very shortest cycle in the
graph (which may be very computationally intensive) to get full credit, but you do
have to find a “reasonably short” cycle.

Submit a single file, containing your C++ code, along with a modified
makefile that can be used to compile and run your code on the lab computers, and a
text file, path.txt that includes your solution (output), and explains your approach