Assignment 7 characters and their frequencies solved


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You are provided with a map representing characters and their frequencies, in
main.cpp, as well as a text file, encoded.txt, containing Huffman encoded text.
Implement a Huffman class that generates a Huffman tree from the provided map,
prints the generated tree in table format (containing Character and Huffman code
columns), and then prints out the decoded (i.e. uncompressed) text version of the
provided file.
The Huffman class must include a min heap priority queue member, which will be
utilized to generate the Huffman tree, as well as the following methods:
• buildHuffmanTree – accepts an array of characters, an array of integer
frequencies, and the integer size of these arrays, and constructs a Huffman Tree
from the input.
• printCodes – prints the Huffman tree in a table format.
• decodeText – accepts a pointer to a file name containing a Huffman code encoded
text, and prints out the plain text version of the file.
Your code should be able to compile and run with a main.cpp file similar to the one
provided, to generate the following output:
Huffman Code Character
0 g
10 o
110 e
111 l
The decoded text is: googgle
To compile these three files on the lab computers, use the provided makefile, and type
the following two commands:
> module load gcc
> make