Assignment 1 recursive C++ function solved


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Implement the following recursive C++ function
void strXpos (char *dest, const char *src)
The function makes a copy of a string, src, transposing (flipping) every pair of
characters, and writes it into dest. If the string has odd length, then the last character
is not transposed with the ’\0’ character (the output string is always the same length
as the input string). For example, given an input (src) of “abcde” the string produced
(written into dest) would be “badce”. As another example, if the input were 1234,
then the function would produce the string 2143. You may assume that dest points to
a writeable area with space for each character in src when your function is first called.
Your main function should receive a string from the command line, call the strXpos
function with the provided string, and print out the output returned by the function.
For example, suppose that you compile your program to the executable Problem5, for
the string “abcde ”, your program should be run as follows:
Problem5 “abcde”
In this program, you may not use any library functions (strlen, strdup, malloc, etc).
You MUST use only recursion for this problem. You may not use iteration (no for,
while, or do-while loops).
Submit your solution in a single file, Problem5.cpp, containing your strXpos function
only (omit the main function).