CSCI 365 Project Three: First MASM Program solved


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First set up Visual Studio 2015 on your computer. You may follow the instruction on author’s website. Based on the version of you Visual Studio, you may click on Getting Started with MASM and Visual Studio 2013or Getting started with MASM and Visual Studio 2015 to follow the instruction. When reach the installation section of instruction, you need to click link to download and follow the instruction to install Example programs and link library source code for the Seventh Edition. If you use VS2015, you may download Updated 32-bit Visual Studio project for VS2015. Please notice, if you use this updated project, the existingexample source file AddTwoneeds to be removed from the project then add to project again appropriately.
Write a program that contain the following:
1. Using the AddTwo program from Section 3.2 as a reference, write code to calculate the following expression, using registers: A = (A+B)-(C+D). Assign integer values to the EAX, EBX, ECX, and EDX registers
2. Write code that defines symbolic constants for all seven days of the week. Create an array variable that uses the symbols as initializers
3. The program must contain a definition of each data type listed in Table 3.2 in Section 3.4 of the textbook. Initialize each variable to a value that is consistent with its data type
4. Write code defines symbolic names for several string literals. Use each symbolic name in a variable definition
Basically, these are Programming Exercises 1-4 on page 94 of the textbook. Instead of writing four separated program, you just write one program to contain all features listed above.
Please name your source file as YourNameProj3.asm
Due Date:
Will be announced on Blackboard.