CSCI 365 Project Eight Greatest Common Divisor solved


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The greatest common divisor (GCD) of two integers is the largest integer that will evenly divide both integers. The GCD algorithm involves integer division in a loop, described by the following pseudocode:
int GCD (int x, inty){
x = abs(x) // absolute value
y = abs(y)
int n = x % y
x = y
y = n
}while (y > 0)
return x
Implement this function in assembly language. Then go online find its recursive version and implement it in assembly language too. Then write a test program that calls your two GCD procedure five times each, using the following pairs of integers (5, 20), (24, 18)_, (11, 7), (432, 226), and (26, 13). After each procedure call, display the GCD

You may refer to Programming Exercise #6 on page 285 and Programming Exercise #7 on page 350.

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Turn in YourNameProj8.asm via Blackboard. Due date will be announce on Blackboard.