CSCI231 Project 02. Java Basic solved


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Project Objectives:
This project was designed to reinforce programming concepts from Chapter 2. In this
project, the students will practice:
1. Declare variables
2. Use Scanner and String objects
3. Do arithmetic operations, including /, %
4. Use basic data types int
Description of the Problem:
Write a program that asks the user input a change between 1 and 99 cents. The program
then will display it in amount of quarters, dime, nickels and pennies.
Example run 1: (the bold Italic numbers/strings are input):
Enter a change between 1 and 99 cents:
You have change 68 cents. That is:
2 quarters
1 dimes
1 nickels
3 pennies
Example run 2:
Enter a change between 1 and 99 cents:
You have change 97 cents. That is:
3 quarters
2 dimes
0 nickles
2 pennies
After finish the program successfully, you need to comment away (don’t delete) the user
input part. Replace it by the code that randomly generates a change between 1 and 99
cents, inclusive. Run and test the modified program.
Submit via blackboard link. The due date is specified on