CSCI231 Project 01. Introduction to BlueJ solved


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Project objectives:
This project was designed to ensure that the students be able to install a free BlueJ
software and build a Java project by using BlueJ. In this project, the student will practice:
1. Building a Java project by using BlueJ
2. Knowing how to put comments in a Java program
3. Knowing how to use System.out.print and System.out.println
4. Having a basic concept about the case-sensitive of Java
Description of the Problem
Write a Java program that print out the following message:
Hello World!
This is my first Java program.
Step 0. Download and install BlueJ from
Step 1. Follow the following process, you should answer all the questions by using
comments in your .java file
1. Launch BlueJ.
2. Creating a project by click on Project menu, and then clicking New Project….
3. In the New Project window, using Look in: navigate to the folder where you
want to save your project. In File Name field, type Project01, then click on Create
button. You will see Project01 project window.
4. In Project01 project window, click on New Class button. The Create New Class
window will prompt out. In Class Name: text filed, type the class name as
YourNameProject01, then click on OK button. You will see a yellow rectangle
with YourNameProject01 in it.
5. Double click that yellow rectangle, a new window will be opened. There are some
preset text in the window, do following changes
a. On the top of the file, there are multiple lines of comments in /* and */.
Change the content accordingly.
b. Delete all the content in the brackets under the public class line. Type the
following code in it:
6. Play with code by change System to system, then compile again. What happens?
7. Break the line of code .
System.out.println(“Hello, World!”);
What happens?
8. Change first System.out.println to System.out.print, what happens?
Step 2. Submit file to blackboard. Ensure that you have
answered questions 6, 7, and 8 above. Your answer should be written as comments in
your .java file.