CSCI-1200 Lab 9 — Maps I solved

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This lab gives you practice initial practice in working with the STL associative container, maps. No downloads
are needed until Checkpoint 3.
Checkpoint 1
Write a program from scratch that uses a map to find all the modes in an input sequence of integers.
Remember, a mode is an integer that occurs at least as many times in the sequence as any other integer.
Thus, in the sequence
19 83 -12 83 65 19 45 -12 45 19 45
the two modes are 19 and 45. Include one command-line argument to provide an input file. Use operator[]
for maps when inserting values.
To complete this checkpoint: show a TA your debugged implementation and how it runs correctly on
several interesting test cases.
Checkpoint 2
Rewrite your program from checkpoint 1 to use find or insert or both instead of operator[].
To complete this checkpoint: show a TA your revised and tested program.