CSCI-1200 Lab 10 — Sets solved


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Checkpoint 1
For the first checkpoint, we will explore the implementation of the ds set class, along with the use of recursive
functions to manipulate binary search trees. Download and examine the files:
The implementation of find provided in ds_set.h is recursive. Implement and test a non-recursive replacement for this function.
To complete this checkpoint: Show one of the TAs your new code. Be prepared to discuss the running
time for the two different versions of find for various inputs.
Checkpoint 2
The implementation of the copy constructor and the assignment operator is not yet complete because each
depends on a private member function called copy tree, the body of which has not yet been written. Write
copy tree and then test to see if it works by “uncommenting” the appropriate code from the main function.
To complete this checkpoint: Present your solution to one of the TAs.