ITIS/ITCS 5180 Mobile Application Development Homework 06 solved


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Homework 06 (100 points)
In this assignment you will create a chat room application that uses Firebase realtime
database and storage features.
Part A: Login (10 Points)
This is the launcher screen of your app. The wireframe for this screen is shown in
Figure 1(a). The requirements are as follows.:
1. The launcher screen should be set to the Login Screen. When the app first starts,
the login screen should check if there is a current user session:
a. If the user is already logged in to Firebase, then start the Chat Screen and close
the login Screen.
b. If there is no current session, then the Login Screen should be used to provide
user login.
2. The user should provide their email and password. The provided credentials should
be used to authenticate the user to Firebase. Clicking the “Login” button should
submit the login information to Firebase to verify the user’s credentials.
a. If the user is successfully logged in then start the Chat Screen and finish the
Login Screen.
b. If the user is not successfully logged in, then show a toast message indicating
the login was not successful.
3. Clicking the Sign Up button should start the Sign Up screen and finish the login
Part B: Sign Up (15 Points)
Create the Sign Up screen to match the Figure 1(b), with the following requirements:
1. Clicking the “Cancel” button should finish the Sign Up Screen and start the Login
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(a) Login screen (b) Sign Up screen (c) Chat screen
Figure 1: App Wireframes
Login Sign up
Sign Up
Choose Password
Login Sign up
First Name
Last Name
Repeat Password
Chat Room
Bob Smith Logout
This is a message without image…
Firstname 3 hours from now
Bob 2 min from now
Type message to send…
This is my post with image…
This is my post without image…
Firstname moments from now
Delete post
Add image
Send message
2. The user should provide their first name, last name, email, password and password
confirmation. Clicking the “Sign Up” button should submit the user’s information to
a. If the sign up is not successful display an error message indicating the error
message you received from Firebase.
b. If the signup is successful, then display a Toast indicating the user has been
created. Then directly go to the Chat screen.
Part C: Chat Room (75 Points)
The screen should show the list of messages retrieved from Firebase. Also the screen
allows the user to add new text and image messages. The requirements are as follows:
1. Display the list of messages as shown in Figure 2(a). The messages should contain
both text and images.
a) Each message object contains a message text, an image, time, first name, and
last name of the user.
b) Each message includes a Delete button. Find the images for the buttons in
Resource folder provided.
c) Display the time the message was posted using the Prettytime library.
d) Display the First name of the user that created the message.
2. When the user types a text message and clicks the “Send message” icon, it should
store the new message in Firebase. Then list should be updated to show the latest
3. When the user clicks on the “Add image” icon, it should open the image gallery for
the user to select the image to be sent to Firebase storage. It should load the image
replacing the “Add image” icon. Then if the user clicks on the “Send message” icon,
it should store the image in Firebase, get the downloadable link, and store the
message in Firebase realtime database. Then list should be updated to show the
latest messages.
4. When you click on the delete icon on a message, you should be able to delete the
5. After successfully deleting a message, the list should be refreshed to show the
messages stored on Firebase.
6. Clicking the logout icon should logout the user from Firebase and take the user back
to Login Screen.
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