ITIS/ITCS 5180 Mobile Application Development Homework 03 solved


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Homework 03 (100 points)
In this assignment, you will be developing a Music Search Application using iTunes
API. You can search any music related Key Word (track title, artist name, etc.) and
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(a) Main Activity (b) Parsing Data
(c) Display using dynamic layout (d) Display Activity
Figure: App wireframes
display the search results. Your application should be able to view the details of the
selected music track. You will be using JSON parsing to retrieve the music tracks,
dynamic layout to display the list, and a different activity to show the details of the
selected music track.
The assignment consists of two screens:
1. Main screen.
2. Display Details screen.
JSON API: We will be using iTunes search API to develop the app. Please read the
following for the API details:
Main screen: please follow the instructions in the following:
1. The app should have a search bar on the top.
2. There should be a SeekBar to set the limit right below the search bar. The
minimum should be made 10 and the maximum should be made 30. When the
user moves the Seekbar, the value should be changed accordingly.
3. There should be two buttons right below the SeekBar: Search, and Reset.
4. Putting Keyword/s in the search bar and clicking on Search button should start
parsing. It should display a Progress Dialog (Spinning) while parsing the data.
5. Clicking on the Reset button should clear up search texts, and move the SeekBar
to the minimum.
6. There should be a switch button to sort the results. There should be two options:
Price, and Date. The default should be set to Date. Turning it On or Off should
change between the options.
7. There should be a list of results below the sorting switch. It should be created
using dynamic layout/ListView/RecyclerView.
API URL<# of Results>
term Keyword/s you put in the search bar. If you put two or more keywords in the search
bar like in our example, you should modify the URL to
limit It should be taken from the SeekBar. The minimum value should be 10, and
maximum value should be 30.
Track name use trackName from JSON
Genre use primaryGenreName from JSON
Artist use artistName from JSON
Album use collectionName from JSON
Track Price use trackPrice from JSON
Album Price use collectionPrice from JSON
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8. Each item in the list should display the Track Title, Track Price, Artist Name, Date
(in MM-DD-YYYY format). The list must be Scrollable.
9. Clicking on any item should take the user to a new Display activity.
Display details activity: Please follow the instructions below:
1. On the top, it should display the Track Image (the resolution should be 100×100).
You need to display the image of right size using the URL retrieved from the API.
2. Below you should display the Track Name (text size should be a bit larger), the
Genre, the Artist’s name, the Album name, the Track Price, and the Album Price.
3. Clicking on Finish button should take you back to the main activity.
Good Luck!
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