HW3: How to get a good grade in professor Moody’s class solved


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Professor Moody has been teaching statistics 101 class for many years. His teaching evaluations went
considerably south with the chief complaint: he DOES NOT seem to assign grades fairly. Students
compared their scores among themselves and found quite a bit of discrepancies! But their complaints
went nowhere since Professor promptly disappeared after posting the final grades and scores.
A new brave TA, managed to get hold of the carefully maintained grading table (spanning multiple
years) of professor Moody by ….messing a bit with Moody’s computer….well, let’s not explain the
details because he would get in trouble. What he found out was a remarkably structured account of how
professor Moody assigns his grades.
Looks like Professor Moody is in fact very alert in class. He is aware of what students do, detecting
texting during class and remembering exactly who was dozed off in class. He also keeps the
mysterious “participation index” which is a numerical score from 0 to 1. This is probably related to
questions asked and answered by students as well as their general attentiveness in class. Remarkable
but a little creepy, isn’t it?
What is the best advice the new TA, can give future students how to get a good grade in Professor
Moody’s class? What factors influence the grade besides the score? Back your recommendation up
with plots and evidence from the attached data.
moody2022_new.csv (https://rutgers.instructure.com/courses/159918/files/22706733/download?
SUBMIT: power points (with plots) plus code in R.
NOTICE: You can make late submissions for this assignment – penalty 10% for up to one day late, than
20% for each following day. These may be waived only with medical note or dean of students letter.

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