HW2 Plot data set of your choice solved


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This assignment asks you to use plot functions in R.
Find data set on the web (csv) and make at least 3 plots – (scatter plot, boxplot, bargraph or other)
which show something “interesting” to you. Explain what is it that you found interesting and why is it that
“you can’t wait” to show it to the rest of the class. Can be the same data set as assignment1, can be
different too.
What is a good data set? At least 4 attributes, some categorical, some numerical – make sure
categorical do not have TOO MANY values, i.e. attributes like netid for a student. Barploting categorical
attributes with more than 10-15 values (and labelling them) is challenging visually.
Also, no more than few thousand rows (to avoid performance problems with R studio)
Do not hesitate to annotate your graphs (labels, txt descriptions, color etc). Follow the code posted in
Active Tutorial or in Plots/Plots, Plots/Boxplot on data101.cs.rutgers/laboratory. Pretty graphs make
good impression!
Instruction how to download plots from R studio – Downloading-Plots.pptx
SUBMIT: power points and your R code – in any format: either cut and paste and submit as txt file or
save it as .R file.
EXAMPLE SUBMISSION from past data 101: Economic Momentum.pptx

2/17/22, 4:15 PM Plot data set of your choice
https://rutgers.instructure.com/courses/159918/assignments/1902299 2/2