Homework 3: SDGB 7851 solved


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The goal of this assignment is to create a dashboard in R and write an accompanying
technical document. Below are the basic specifications for each:
• The purpose of your dashboard must be clear, easy to use, and able to be interpreted by
a non-statistician (that also means someone who hasn’t read your technical document).
This dashboard must incorporate (be creative!):
– at least one data set (don’t use a data set we’ve used in class; no simulated data)
– user interactivity
– at least 3 visualizations, one of which must be a time series
• Imagine your dashboard will be maintained by another statistician. Write a document containing what you think this person would need to know to understand and
adapt your code for the future (max. 2 pages). (Some things to think about: data
sources, data cleaning requirements, data dictionary, limitations, justification of why
you decided to use certain metrics, visualizations, design choices, etc.)
*** Files to submit (submit as a zipped file) ***
1. .Rmd file of the dashboard and any other code files you created.
2. Screenshot of dashboard.
3. Word/pdf technical document (max. 2 pages).
4. ALL data files. If you downloaded a data set which was accompanied by documentation
files (like you saw with the Pew Research data and American Community Survey data),
submit the documentation files as well.
5. Word/pdf document containing a table with the name of each file and a one sentence
description of that file.