Homework 1: SDGB 7851 solved


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1. You discussed with your classmates the quality of the responses from the survey questions
developed in class. Discuss whether or not people interpreted the questions you wrote
with your group as intended and how you would use the results to improve the wording
of the questions. (Note: there are 36 students registered for this course, but only 31
responses; think about nonresponse (i.e., missing data).) (max. 1 page)
2. Tell a story about our class using our survey data (you can use any of the results, not
just those from the questions your group wrote). Use summary statistics and graphs
in your report; make sure you discuss the source of your data and data quality as well.
(max. 2 pages)
3. Find a metric used in whichever field (marketing, finance, medicine, etc.) interests you
(but don’t choose one of the examples discussed in The Tyranny of Metrics or in class).
Discuss the following and write your response as a report, not as bullet points (max.
1 page). Cite any resources you use and do not copy someone else’s words without
attribution; Wikipedia is NOT an appropriate resource.
• Describe the metric and what it is used for.
• Evaluate it using the list in Chapter 2 (“Recurring Flaws”) from The Tyranny of
• Explain why you think this metric is used by companies/organizations.
• Propose and discuss at least one way to improve your chosen metric.