COMP 307 Mini Assignment 3 solved


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This assignment asks you to create a pretty web page (described below). PeerGrade will then share
your web page with 5 random students who will evaluate your web page based on a pre-defined
rubric. Your grade will be determined by the responses made by those students using the rubric.
Every student must first provide their solution web page, then PeerGrade will assign to you 3
students to “grade”. This means that this assignment will have two due dates. One due date will be
for the submission of your final pretty web page. The second submission date will be for your
“grading” of the five students assigned to you. If you do not grade all five students, then that will
effect your final grade. After you have been “graded” you can comment back to the student who
graded you and ask the TA for a re-grade. If a student who “graded” you was not serious when
grading, then the TA / Prof can flag that student and that will be reflected in the student’s final
Create the following single web page called index.html from scratch (do not use a template or web
generating tool). You must try to make both the HTML code look pretty and the web page display
pretty. DO NOT make the web page responsive. Assume the web page is a minimum 800 pixels
wide. The web page I am asking you to create is your CV. The information in this CV web page
does not need to be real. You are creating a CV web page that you can show to prospective
employers. You MUST ONLY use the HTML tags shown in class (if you are an advanced developer,
Finding PeerGrade
Login to myCourses.
Go to COMP 307
Select the “Conent” menu
Then select “Resources”
Click on “PeerGrade”
Select Mini Assignment 3.
PeerGrade student reviewers will provide the grade for your assignment. A rubric is provided which the
reviewer will follow. Your grade will be based on the answers to the rubric.
A PeerGrade mini assignment is due on the given due date. There is no late days.