COMP 307 Principles of Web Development Mini Assignment 6 solved


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In this mini assignment, you will be modifying the HTML page you created for Mini 5 using
Responsive Design. It does not matter whether you completed Mini 5 fully to answer Mini 6.
Alternatively, you may also use the solution to Mini 4 posted on myCourses as a starting point. In your
responsive design solution, you can use CSS, JS and HTML 5 tags.
Please do the following:
Make your Mini 5 solution “responsive”, pretty, and interactive. Your webpage is called
index.html. Your webpage must run locally.
To do this, you must use a minimum of 2 techniques from this YouTube video:

Mm1nCIe&index=6 and a minimum of 2 additional techniques covered during class (Friday
lecture, in-class sessions, and/or lab), for a total of 4 techniques. You can use more than 4
techniques, if you want.
Responsive design means that your webpage must work on different display sizes. Your web
page must work, as a minimum, on cellphone, tablet and desktop display sizes. The TA will test
this by reducing the browser window size on their PC. The TA will not actually test on a
cellphone or a tablet.
You must submit a readme.txt file listing the minimum 4 techniques you used and where you
found them. Write this: “technique name, location” each on a new line. For example: “Super
centered technique, YouTube” or “Canvas, Week 6 Friday lecture”.
WHAT TO HAND IN (ZIP all the files)
• A single HTML page called index.html.
• A single readme.txt file with your techniques and locations + also state the browser you used.
• Your CSS is also embedded in the HTML file
• 20 points: proportionally graded.
◦ +6 Min 2 techniques from YouTube video
◦ +6 Min 2 techniques from the course (Friday lectures, in-class session, and/or lab)
◦ +4 Responsive
◦ +4 Pretty