CMSC 204 Assignment #2 solved


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Office Depo an office supply retailing companydonates its surpluses to colleges at the end of each year.Volunteers will help deliver packages of supplies to representativeof colleges (Recipient of supplies). Write an application to simulate delivering packages from the container of packages by the volunteers to recipients.

Concepts tested:

Generic Queue, co

Generic Stack,

Exception handling,

Data Elements

      Volunteer-Holds therelevant information for a Volunteer:  name

      DonationPackage- Holds the information of the package to be donated:description, weight

      Recipient- Holds the information of the recipients: name


Data Structures

  1. Createageneric queue class called MyQueue to implementthe queue of volunteers and recipients MyQueue will implement the QueueInterface given you.
  2. Create a generic stack class called MyStackto place the DonationPackage on a Container.MyStack will implement the Stack Interface given you.



There will be a VolunteerLineclass, a RecipientLine Class and a Containerclass The VolunteerLineclass will implement the VolunteerLineInterface, the RecipientLine class will implement the RecipientLineInterface  class and the Container class will implement the ContainerInterface class


Limit the size of each collection to 5.


Data Manager
The DonationManager class  will manage adding a new package to the container, a new volunteer to the volunteer queue line , a new recipient to the recipient queue and donating  package by the volunteer to the recipient.DonationManager will implement the interface DonationManagerInterface.

You may add additional methods and attributes to your classes



GUI Driver


  1. Initially there is no package on the container, any volunteers and recipients on the queue.
  2. Allow the user to loadnew package to the container and add new volunteers to volunteer’s line and new recipient to recipients’ line.
  3. Do not allow packages heavier than 20lbs to be added to the container.
  4. Allow the user to simulate process of donating the package from the container by volunteer on the queue to the recipient on the queue. When a volunteer helps donating the package to the recipient, he/she will be back to the queue of volunteers to continue the process of donation.


  1. Provide three exception classes:
    1. RecipientException: If the user attempts to add new Recipient and the recipient line is full (5 recipients).
    2. VolunteerException – If the user attempts to add new Volunteer and the volunteer line is full (5volunteers).
    3. ContainerException – If the user attempts to add new Donation Package and the Container line is full (5 packages).






At startup
















After selecting “Stack New Package”

Pen(first) and Books (second).






After adding new Volunteers John (first),          after adding new Recipient MC,

Nicole (second)                                                   Maryland













After selecting DonatePackageAfter selecting Donate Package Second time

First Time














After selecting Donate Package Third time















If the user tries to add a new volunteer:
















Program Grade Sheet

Assignment #2

CMSC 204


Name   _______________________________________________



CheckList for Assignment 2 is included and completed                                  1 pt   _____

Class documentation – Javadoc for all user created classes                              4 pt   _____

Class Description, @author

Method description, @param, @return

Test Cases                                                                                                   6 pt_____

JUnit Test Class

Implement STUDENT test for DonationManagerTest

Create a MyQueueTest and MyStackTest

UML Diagram                                                                                                  4 pt_____

Lessons Learned                                                                                              5  pt _____

In 3+ paragraphs, highlight your lessons learned and learning experience from working on this project.  How did you do?  What have you learned?  What did you struggle with? How will you approach your next project differently?


Internal class documentation (within source code)                                                                 6pts_____

Class description using Javadoc

Author’s Name, Class, Class Time, @author

Methods commented using Javadoc, @param, @return

Compiles and Runs without errors                                                                                              6pts_____

Program user interface

Clear to user how data is to be entered                                                                           4pts_____

Output is easy to understand                                                                                            4pts_____


Received correct output

  1. Public tests (given to you and those you wrote)                 10 pts_____
  2. Private tests                 10 pts_____

Program Details

Data Structures                                                                                                                    10pts_____

  1. Stack class for Container
  2. Queue for volunteer line
  3. Queue for Recipient line

Data Elements–DonationPackage, Volunteer, Recipient

  1. Contains required attributes                                                 6 pts_____
  2. Contains toStringany other necessary methods


Data Manager – DonationManager                                                                                 10 pts_____

  1. Implements DonationManagerInterface
  2. Creates Volunteer, Recipient, and DonationPackage objects
  3. Donate Package implemented
  4. Correctly handles exceptions

GUI classes:                                                                                                                          14pts_____

  1. Displays information for the volunteers, recipients and packages

Correctly as queue and stack.

  1. Provides buttons for user actions


Total                                                                                                                                                      100 pts   _____