CS3 Assignment 3 student java program solved

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Write a Java program that prompts user for a file name, opens and reads the data, process, and store
them in an array of students. Must use the 2 classes developed for assignment 2, Student and Course.
The program calculates the total completed units and GPA for a student. You may want to modify
Student class to include new fields, it is up to you as how to do it.
The program then prints a menu to allow user to:
1) Add a new student to the list (make sure not to add existing students)
2) Remove a student from the list
3) Sort the list alphabetically based on student last name.
4) Print the list in a tabular form to the monitor and a file(Refer to the sample below.)
5) Exit
Use the following table to assign points for a course:
Grade Points
A 4.0
B 3.0
C 2.0
D 1.0
F 0
To calculate the GPA multiply units by points for each course, and then add then together and divide
the sum by total units. For example if course 1 has 5 units and the grade is A (4 points) and course 2
has 4 units and the grade is B (3 points), and course 3 has 4 units and the grade is F then (4*3 + 5*4
+ 4 * 0)/13 = 2.462. Units completed are all the courses that have a passing grade (a,b,c, and d),
Units taken is sum of all units registered for.
Completed courses are considered the ones with passing grade (A,B,C,D).
Input File Format: Input File Sample:
Last, First Smith Jr., Joe
ID number_of_courses 111-22-3333 3
Course 1 name Physics I
Grade Units A 5
Course 2 name English 1A
Grade Units B 4
Course 3 name English 1B
Grade Units F 4
Jones , Bill
111-11-1111 4
Physics I
A 5
Chemistry 1A
B 5
Computer Science 1
A 4
Chemistry 1 Lab
B 1
• Develop classes to represent a student and a course: (the following data members must be
included, more is OK) :Name (First, Last) , Id number, list of courses, number of units taken,
units completed, units taken, and average.
• You may include additional classes and use composition or inheritance
• Program must be modular (all tasks must be done in methods)
• Must include methods to process array of students
• Prompt user for all input and output file names
• Use data file Assign3S18.txt to test your program.
• Set array size to 20 for students and courses but when adding elements check the size to make
sure not to overflow the array or use ArrayList.
Sample output file format: (Final report to the monitor and the file) :
Name Id Units Taken Units Complete Average
Joe Smith Jr. 111-22-3333 13 9 2.462
Bill Jones 111-11-1111 15 15 3.600
Nancy Brown 222-11-1111 42 42 4.000
Total number of Students: 3
Total Units completed by all students: 66
Total Units taken by all students: 70
Required files to submit are all java files and your documentations (UML and algorithms, pseudocode),
you may submit the individual files or zip the NetBeans project and submit it. Minimum classes required