CS3 Assignment 3 Java program to test both classes solved

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Create a Java program to test both classes to make sure they work correctly and catch all errors, like the
student class developed in class. Your program must have methods to read info for 1 student from
keyboard and one from a data file. Also include 2 print methods to write details of a student to the
monitor and output file. Refer to the format of the input file and output file below. Prompt user for file
Input File Format: Input File Sample:
Last, First Smith Jr., Joe
ID number_of_courses 111-22-3333 3
Course 1 name Physics I
Grade Units A 5
Course 2 name English 1A
Grade Units B 4
Course 3 name English 1B
Grade Units F 4
Sample output format for file and the monitor:
Name Id Units Taken Units Complete Average
Joe Smith Jr. 111-22-3333 13 9 2.462
Include your UML, and demo the program in the lab to get full credit