Program 2 – CSCE350 solved


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Goal: Implement the O(n logn) version of closest pair.
Instructions: Implement the closest pair algorithm (from the book). Basically, fill in closestPair().
Please note that it is templated.
DO NOT CHANGE metrics.h (it will be changed)
You may add to targetgtest.cpp if you like (it will be overwritten).
You may add files, if you like. (You can do this without any new files but the maximum is 20). Just
keep them in the same directory as targetgtest.cpp.
As before to get this started:
• tar -xvzf Program_1_350.tar.gz
• cd Program_1_350
• mkdir build
• cd build
• cmake ..
• make
• ./runUnitTests
The one test that passes is running brute force closest pair multiple times.
Upload just program2.h and new files, if any, (I will not include any files named “metrics.h” or
“targetgtest.cpp” from your submission and will, instead use my own.). Do not zip or tar.gz anything. I
want just the files.