CS 2400 Lab 12 (Structures) solved


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Work with structures, vector of structures, files, and formatting.
A company keeps its employee records in a file. Each line in the file includes a single employee
record (id, first name, last name, & salary). Write a C++ program that prints a report of
employee data. You are asked to process the data in the file by storing the records in a vector of
structures. Your program must print the following report.
• All employee records.
• Find and print the total payroll.
Create a directory called Lab6 inside your 2400/Labs directory. Download the data file and
store it in Lab6 directory.
• Write a function to load the vector of structures.
• Write a function to print the report. Consider using setw.
o Combine the first and last name into a single string. This will make it easier to
use setw.
• Write a function to calculate and return the total payroll.
Sample input:
1000 George Washington 10000
2000 John Adams 15000
1212 Thomas Jefferson 34000
1313 Abraham Lincoln 45000
1515 Jimmy Carter 78000
1717 George Bush 80000
CS2400 Lab 12 (Structures)
100 Points
Sample output:
Sorted by name
ID Name Salary
1000 George Washington $10000.00
2000 John Adams $15000.00
1212 Thomas Jefferson $34000.00
1313 Abraham Lincoln $45000.00
1515 Jimmy Carter $78000.00
1717 George Bush $80000.00
Total Payroll: $262000.00
• 30 points, load the vector function
• 30 points, total payroll function
• 20 points, output is displayed as indicated
• 20 points, documentations and style