ITI 1121. Introduction to Computing II Assignment 4 solved


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1 [20 marks]
Reverse engineer the memory diagrams below. Specifically, give the implementation of all the classes, instance variables, and
constructors such that the execution of your main() method produces the memory diagram shown below. The name of the
classes is given on the top-right corner of each object (that is, Employee and Address).
0 1 2 3 4 5
“King Edward”
o1 Employee
Size 0 array of
String references
• Any other classes that you find necessary
2 [20 marks]
Complete the implementation of the instance method void insertAfter( E obj, LinkedList other ). The method inserts
the content of other after the leftmost occurrence of obj in this list, and the elements are removed from other. You must provide
a test program which is as exhautive as possible.
An exception of type NullPointerException is thrown if obj is null. If the parameter obj is not found in this list, an
exception IllegalArgumentException is thrown.
The implementation of LinkedList has the following characteristics.
• An instance always starts off with a dummy node, which serves as a marker for the start of the list. The dummy node is
never used to store data. The empty list consists of the dummy node only;
• The nodes of the list are doubly linked;
• The list is circular, i.e. the reference next of the last node of the list is pointing at the dummy node, the reference previous
of the dummy node is pointing at the last element of the list. In the empty list, the dummy node is the first and last node
of the list, its references previous and next are pointing at the node itself;
• Since the last node is easily accessed, because it is always the previous node of the dummy node, the header of the list
does not have a tail pointer.
Example: The list referenced by xs contains[a,b,c,f], and the list referenced by ys contains[d,e]. After the call: xs.insertAfter(”c”,
ys), xs contains [a,b,c,d,e,f], and ys is empty.
• You cannot use the methods of the class LinkedList. In particular, you cannot use the methods add(), addLast or
3 [15 points]
Create a class called ListUtil that contains a class method indexOfAll( LinkedList list, E obj). You must
use an iterator to find all the positions of the parameter obj in the linked listed list. These positions are returned in a list of
Let l designate a list containing the elements {A, B, A, A, C, D, A}, then a call to ListUtil.indexOfAll(l,A) returns the
following list: {0, 2, 3, 6}.
You have to provide a test program that is as exaustif as possible.
4 [15 marks]
In the class SinglyLinkedList, write a recursive (instance) method that returns a new linked list consisting of the first n
elements of this list. This instance must remain unchanged. The method public LinkedList take( int n ) must be
implemented following the technique presented in class for implementing recursive methods inside the class, i.e. where a
recursive method is made of a public part and a private recursive part. The public method initiates the first call to the recursive
You have to provide a test program that is as exaustif as possible.
5 [15 Marks]
Implement the method int count(E low, E high) for the binary search tree presented in class. The method returns the number
of elements in the tree that are greater than or equal to low and smaller than or equal to high.
• The elements stored in a binary search tree implement the interface Comparable. Recall that the method int
compareTo(E other) returns a negative integer, zero, or a positive integer as the instance is less than, equal to, or greater
than the specified object.
• Your mark will be reduced if your method visits too many nodes.
• Given a binary search tree, t, containing the values 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, the call t.count(3,6) returns the value 4.
You have to provide a test program that is as exaustif as possible.
Rules and regulation (15 marks)
Follow all the directives available on the assignment directives web page, and submit your assignment through the on-line
submission system Blackboard Learn.
Your programs should not only work, they should be easily readable and follow object-oriented principles.
You must preferably do the assignment in teams of two, but you can also do the assignment individually. Pay attention to
the directives and answer all the following questions.
You must use the provided template classes.
This assignment has 5 questions. You have to put the source code for each questions in a sub-directory named QN, where N is
the question number. Thus, there will be five sub-directories: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, and Q5.
You must hand in a zip file containing the following files.
• A text file README.txt which contains the names of the two partners for the assignments, their student ids, section, and
a short description of the assignment (one or two lines).
• The source code of all your classes