Introduction to Programming Languages CECS130 Lab #11 solved


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Ability to work in teams is essential for a successful
career in computer science. Begin this lab by finding a partner who has completed lab#10. You
can work with anyone registered for CECS130 from either Tuesday or Thursday lab section.
Your assignment is to create (in the C++ programming language using good OOP principles
(namespaces, etc.)) a Competition class which inherits from yours and your partner’s 3D TTT
classes. Assuming both 3DTTT classes have a function which asks computer to make a move it
should be possible with very little rewriting to create a competition between two computer
players. Set it up so the two game bots play 10 games in a row against each other and a winner is
determined and announced at the end of this competition. Give your computer players names
which correspond to the names of the two programmers who created them.
In the header comments to you program please clearly identify the names of the two
programmers comprising your team. Obviously you and your partner will only get one (same)
grade for the lab, but to make bookkeeping easier please both submit the assignment on the