INF1340H – Programming for Information Systems Assignment 1 solved


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Write a Python program that delivers the requested results. Include appropriate documentation.
1. CranJack – a cranberry/jackfruit blend
Spray Ocean has introduced a new drink called CranJack, and it will be sold in MinMax stores in
Ontario. Single bottles sell for $1 each, six-packs (“small” packages) sell for $5 each, and twofours (“large” packages of 24 bottles) sell for $19 each. CranJack is subject to HST — i.e., it is
The quantity pricing is not customer-friendly. E.g., six singles do not sell at the six-pack price.
Customers buying eight bottles do not get a quantity discount for the two bottles that aren’t in a
Implement a simple point-of-sale application that will determine how much the customer should
pay for the items that he/she brings to the cash register. Then determine how much change
should be given back by the cashier for the amount tendered by the customer.
Your program should prompt the cashier to scan the items being purchased, display the total bill
amount (amount to be paid), prompt the cashier to enter the amount tendered (what the customer
hands the cashier), and display the amount of change to be given back to the customer.
– Pretend to scan items: type in one barcode value per item being purchased.
– Display all currency amounts in format, always with two decimal places (no more/no
fewer). Use the nickel-pricing scheme. I.e., round the bill to the nearest five cents. Assume that
all transactions will be settled in cash.
– The “total bill” should display the purchase subtotal before tax, the amount of tax for this
purchase, the total (subtotal + HST) before rounding, and the rounded total bill.
– The total bill should be calculated as a running total. As each item is scanned, (re)calculate the
customer’s total bill, including tax and rounding. In this way, the customer or cashier could
decide to stop at any point, and the bill amount would be known then, without further cash
register interaction.
INF1340H: Programming for Information Systems, Section 0101
– If the customer does not tender enough money, print a friendly error message and try again, or
allow the transaction to be cancelled. (You could, for example, treat a tender of 0.00 as a
– For this assignment, it is not necessary to print/display an itemized receipt showing the
quantities and prices of every item scanned. The subtotal will suffice.
– At the beginning of each session, display a welcome message that tells the cashier to start
scanning. (The customer will be able to see this message, so try to make the wording as pleasant
as possible.) At the end of the session, thank the customer for shopping at MinMax.
– Use these barcodes: (universal price codes (UPCs))
single – 111111
six-pack – 666666
two-four – 242424
done – 0
– Submit your work in a single file unless you have made prior arrangements with the instructor.
Identify the starting point by using if __name__ == “__main__”:
INF1340H: Programming for Information Systems, Section 0101
to facilitate marking:
– Use the Quercus assignment dropbox, and if you worked as a team, submit only one copy per
– Provide your name and your partner’s name in a comment at the top of the program. Also,
provide your section number (L101 for Tuesday, L102 for Thursday).
– Give your program a title (also in a comment at the top), and indicate your revision number and
the date of the revision. Your program should be compatible with Python 3.5, and it is suggested
that you indicate version compatibility in a comment, too — i.e., which version(s) of Python will
your program run on?
– If you know, at submission time, that your program does not run successfully, please make a
note of the known deficiencies in a comment at the top.
– Include appropriate test cases in your docstring.
– Use prescribed names for constants, variables, and functions. (Sorry to take away some of your
creativity.) Please draw upon this list as needed:
Q_SINGLE = 1 # quantity/size (number of bottles per)
Q_LARGE = 24
INF1340H: Programming for Information Systems, Section 0101
example of first lines in your .py file:
# inf1340, section L101
# assignment 1 – due 2018-10-15
# Lugosi, Bela
# Karloff, Boris
# POS program for MinMax
# v1.0.4 – 2018-10-13
# compatible with Python versions 3.4 – 3.7
# source file:
scoring: (out of 100 possible)
declaration and use of constants as prescribed 5 marks
headers, docstrings, and bodies of functions:
to “scan” items 10 marks
to calculate subtotal 15 marks
to calculate total bill, including rounding 15 marks
to enter and consider the amount tendered 15 marks
to display the amount of change 10 marks
other code, including __main__ 10 marks
coding style and comments 5 marks
Program produces correct output. 10 marks
facilitation of marking (as described earlier) 5 marks
Don’t be late! There is a 15% per day (or part of day) penalty for late submission.