Homework 6 STAT 547 solved


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1. Implement the regularization approach for the scalar-response functional linear regression model.
(a) Apply the code to analyze the medfly dataset fdapace::medfly25. Find and interpret the association between the number of total remaining eggs as response and
the egg-laying trajectories as the predictor function. Set the tuning parameter λ
(b) Compare your results with those given by an FPC regression approach (code available in the Notebook §4.4).
2. Use the functional concurrent regression model to analyze the US GDP data posted with
this homework. An R implementation fdapace::FCReg is available. Explore different
tuning parameter settings and interpret the results.
3. Implement the FPC regression approach for a functional-response functional linear regression model and apply it to analyze the US GDP data. Compare the results and
interpretation with those in the previous question.