CSE312 Homework 3 HTTP GET Server solved


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Expand your hello world server such that it hosts your website from HW1 with several
additional features.
Objective 1: Serving Files
Expand your server from HW2 to serve the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files from HW1. You
may change these files from what you submitted for HW1, but you must serve external CSS
and JavaScript files. The HTML file for your homepage must be hosted at the root path “/” of
your server. Use the proper MIME type for each file you serve.
Objective 2: Serving an Image
Add at least one image to your site and host the image from your server and send it with the
proper MIME type.
Do not link to another server for this image.
Objective 3: First Visit Cookie
Use a cookie to give your users a different experience when they visit your site for the first
time. Set a cookie on your server to track the first visit made by a user and serve different
content based on whether or not this cookie is set.
Example: Save 2 different versions of your homepage in 2 different html files. Serve one of
them when the cookie is not set and set the cookie, serve the other if the cooking is set.
Objective 4: Query Strings
Host a path that allows the user to send a query string with at least 2 key-value pairs and
serve different content based on the values in the query string. You may assume the user
has the keys you are expecting.
This content does not have to be part of your site and does not need to be HTML content.
For example, you can have a separate path “/queryStringPath” that expects a query string
with key name that you specify and serve text/plain that incorporates the values in the query
To earn credit for this homework you must complete all 3 submissions.
1. Submit all the files of your site to AutoLab in a zip file
2. Submit your report to AutoLab as a txt file
3. Fill out the homework self-grading form