CMPSC 221 Guess the number solved


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Write an application that plays “guess the number” as follows:

Your application chooses the number to be guessed by selecting an integer at random in the range 1-1000. The application then displays the following in a label:

I have a number between 1 and 1000. Can you guess my number?
Please enter your first guess.

A JTextField should be used to input the guess. As each guess is input, the background color should change to either red or blue. Red indicates that the user is getting “warmer” and blue, “colder”. A JLabel should display either “Too high” or “Too low” to help the user zero in. When the user gets the correct answer, “Correct!” should be displayed, and the JTextField used for input should be changed to be uneditable. A JButton should be provided to allow the user to play the game again. When the JButton is clicked, a new random number should be generated and the input JTextField changed to be editable. For this application, use a JFrame, do not try to implement using JOptionPane. Do not use the Netbeans GUI generator for this project.