EE5150: Communication Networks Assignment 2 solved


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1. Problem 3.29: Customers arrive at a grocery store’s checkout counter
according to a Poisson process with rate 1 per minute. Each customer
carries a number of items that is uniformly distributed between 1 and 40.
The store has two checkout counters, each capable of processing items at a
rate of 15 per minute. To reduce the customer waiting time in queue, the
store manager considers dedicating one of the two counters to customers
with x items or less and dedicating the other counter to customers with
more than x items. Write a small computer program to find the value of
x that minimizes the average customer waiting time.
1. Submit the assignment as a zip file.
2. Kindly submit the plot of the average customer waiting time versus x
in pdf format. Ensure that the plots have clear xlabel, ylabel, title and
3. Kindly submit the code (preferably in C or C++). Kindly add comments
in the code to enable review.
4. The deadline for the submission is 23 September 2017.
5. The assignment carries 3 marks.