CSI2110 ­ Lab 1 solved


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0) Test your IDE (optional)
In case you are uncertain if your prefered Java development environment works as expected, the archive
Lab1.zip contains HelloWorld.java for testing.
1) Singly Linked List
Download the archive Lab1.zip and extract the singly linked list implementation contained in the
following files
Compile and run LinkList.java and study its behaviour.
2) Doubly Linked Lists
Change the singly­linked­list to a doubly­linked­list by changing Node.java to DNode.java.
Change the LinkList class to work with DNode, in particular, adapt the implementation of the void
LinkList.deleteLast() method.
3) Using Generics
The archive Lab1.zip also contains the file GNode.java which implements a node for a singlylinked­list as before but instead of storing a reference to an Object, it uses a generic element.
Adapt the original LinkList class to use the generic Gnode class.