CSE102 HW08 solved


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In this homework, you will build a contacts database from a given file. In the input file, each person has a unique ID, name
and surname (exactly one word long) how many phone number he/she has and these phone number(s). You should
construct People and Records structs from the given plain text file and implement the functions that reads/writes these
information to the binary files.
Each function is described with comments in starter code.

STARTER CODE: https://goo.gl/tNrr3y
void writeRecords(Records records, char* filename);
void readRecords(Records *records, char* filename);
void writePeople(People people, char* filename);
void readPeople(People *people, char* filename);
void read(char* filename, People *people, Records *records);
Sample Usage
Sample usage is provided in starter code.
Expected output is given in starter code.
Good luck!