CSE 4361: SOFTWARE DESIGN PATTERNS Homework 3 solved


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1 What To Do
Discuss the similarities and differences of the patterns in each of the following groups of patterns. Moreover,
describe two situations that are not in the reference books or taught in class such that each pattern should be
applied exclusively to exactly one situation. Describe how each pattern is applied and why the other pattern(s)
must not be applied.
1. Command and object adapter
2. Flyweight, singleton and prototype
3. Bridge and strategy
1.1 What To Submit
Submit answers in a Word or PDF document. The answers may include tables and figures if these help explain
your solutions and facilitate understanding. However, only tables and figures are not enough, you must explain
your solutions to help the reader understand.
The document must not exceed eight pages of font size at least 11 points. These eight pages include a cover
page (which is optional) and other items such as figures, diagrams and tables.
2 How To Submit
To be announced by the TA before the due date.