CSE 241/505 Homework # 2 solved


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You will continue developing your Connect Four program with this homework. You will add the
following features to your program.
• Your program should accept commands for loading and saving the game board. For example,
instead of giving the column letters, if the user enters the command
your program loads the game board from this file. Similarly, if the user enters the command
your program saves the current game status to this file. You should save and load all game
related information such as user vs user or computer, board size etc.
• Your program should have at least one function that takes a parameter by reference and a
constant parameter by reference.
• Your program should have at least one function that uses default arguments.
• Your program should have at least one auto statement and one declrtype statement.
• All the errors should be printed to cerr object and all the other text should be sent to cout.
The rest of the program will be the same as HW1.
• Do not use any functions from the standard C library (like printf)
• Read the chapter about file input output for reading and writing text files using streams.
• Do not use anything that we did not learn in the lectures.
• Do not forget to indent your code and provide comments.
• Check the validity of the user input.
• Test your programs very carefully at least with 10 different runs. Submit at least two
saved files with toue HW.
• You should submit your work to the moodle page.