(CSCI 421 VA) Project Five solved


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Refer to Exercise 21 on page 412.
Please note that the students need to answer the following two questions:
1. How many solutions does it print?
2. How many of them are distinct?
Then the student need to modify the program so that only the distinct solutions will be print
Instruction on how to write and run the SWI-Prolog program:
Step One: Write your program using any text editor. Save the program as
Step Two: Open terminal window. Use cd command to navigate to the folder where you saved
your project four program.
Step Three: Type swipl. The SWI-Prolog program will run
Step Four: Type consult(‘YourNameProjFour.swipl’). (must have period at the end)
Step Five: Tyep length(X, 7), solution([w, w, w, w], X). (end with period) Use the semicolon after
each solution to make it print them all.