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The goal of the first project is to familiarize you with sockets programming in C. You
will create a client that sends a string to a server, and a server that responds with a value.
After you get this basic operation working, you will enhance the client and server so that
two message types are supported as well as adding a timeout function.
Due: Friday, September 20, 11:55pm EST
Points: 10
You are to develop a networked application that takes a text string specifying the name of
a bank account on the client side, transmits that string to the server, and then receives a
return value from the server that is the account balance (in integer dollars) for the named
account. You should support five named accounts: mySavings, myChecking, myCD,
my401k, and my529. You should pre-configure your server with balances for each. Make
them all different (and positive integers!). Both client and server must use TCP to
exchange messages. The client must take the account name as a command line argument
as well as the server IP address and port number. Be sure to include error checking in
case any of these arguments are missing or incorrectly formatted.
After getting this working, you are to develop a more complex version that supports three
message types. The first one, called BAL with usage “BAL [account-name]”, is used as
in the first part to ask the server for the balance on a named account. The second, called
WITHDRAW with usage “WITHDRAW [account-name] [amount]”, is used to
withdraw funds from a named account. If the named account does not have
sufficient funds to complete the transaction your client should print “Error:
Insufficient Funds!”. The third, called TRANSFER with usage “TRANSFER [fromaccount] [to-account] [amount]”, is used to transfer funds between two distinct
named accounts. The insufficient funds error message should also be displayed
when the balance in the “[from-account]” is smaller than the “[amount]”.
Your client and server will need to be modified to allow these three message types.
Your client should take 2 or 4 (in the case of TRANSFER) command line arguments
in addition to the server IP address and port number.
Finally you will protect your accounts by adding the following constraint. Your
server should not allow 4 or more withdrawals during any sliding window of one
minute. If a new withdrawal request violates this limit, respond with “Error: too
many withdrawals in a minute!” instead of completing the withdraw on that
To get you started, you are provided with a code framework. These files include client.c,
server.c and a Makefile to get things compiled. Note that this work must be done on a
Linux/UNIX machine.
The first part of the project (simple request/response) should not be difficult. The second
will be slightly more difficult. Do not wait until the last minute to work on it. Note that
students should use the “Shuttle” servers here at the College of Computing. More
information can be found here.
Submission Instructions
Students are to turn in all their files as a single tarfile, submitted directly to Canvas.
The tarfile should be named as follows: your_last_name-proj1.tar.gz. To make a
tarfile, I would do the following on the command line:
tar zcvf liu-proj1.tar.gz client.c server.c Makefile liu-output.txt
As shown above, students must also turn in a file containing sample output from their
program (last_name-output.txt). Specifically, students must enter a sequence of BAL,
WITHDRAW, and TRANSFER requests to different accounts and show that you may not
withdraw more than your account balance or more than 3 times in a minute for an
Remember that the Academic Integrity policies outlined both in the Student Handbook,
the course syllabus and the first lecture are in effect. This is an individual assignment.
Students detected cheating or collaborating will immediately be referred to the Office of
Student Integrity.
Credit: this assignment is adapted from Professor Traynor