CS2810 OOAIA: A5 solved


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Implemented a templated Stack class. It should support the standard push, pop and top
operations. You are not allowed to use the std::stack class that C++ STL provides.
Use the templated class to implement the algorithm to evaluate arithmetic expressions in
infix form. These expressions consist of terms, operators and parentheses. Terms can be
either integers or Polynomials. You are free to use code from your previous assignments
in your submission.
Input Format
Each testcase will consist of n expressions. Each expression has either integer terms or
Polynomial terms. The first line of the expression is “int” or “poly” accordingly.
If it is “int”, the expression will be given in the next line in a single line with space
separated tokens, that is, all parentheses, operators and numbers will be space separated.
If the expression is “poly”, it is followed by an integer on the next line which denotes the
number of lines to follow. Each following line is either a polynomial, an operator, or a
parenthesis. A polynomial having m terms is represented by 2m numbers in one line, where
each pair of numbers represents one term. Each term has the exponent followed by the
Please note the following:
– All coefficients are integers. No doubles are given as input.
– The operators we are testing are + (addition), – (subtraction) and * (multiplication).
We have provided an input.cpp file on Moodle which provides appropriate logic to take
both “int” and “poly” expressions as input. Feel free to use this in your submissions.
Output Format
The output for an “int” expression will be an integer which has to be printed irrespective of
whether it is zero or not. The output for a “poly” expression will be a Polynomial which is
printed similar to A3. However as each coefficient is an integer and not a double, there is
no need of printing the decimal point or the digits after that. All other rules as in A3 are still
followed such as only printing non-zero terms and printing a blank line for a zero
– There will be a maximum of 100 operations per testcase.
– The maximum degree of any input Polynomial will be 10.
Sample Testcase
2 → Number of operations
int → Int expression to follow
( ( 2 + 3 ) – 100 ) * 5 – ( 1 – 2 )
poly → Poly expression to follow
11 → Next 11 lines define the poly expression
1 2 3 4 → 2x^1 + 4x^3
2 3 4 5 → 3x^2 + 5x^4

1 5 → 5x^1
2 3 → 3x^2
-9x^3 + 9x^4 + 12x^5 + 15x^6
Design Submission Format
For the design submission on Moodle, please submit a .tar.gz file named as your roll number.