CS-UY 1114 Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving Homework #1 solved


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Question 1:
Convert the following numbers to their decimal representation:
a) 100110112 =
b) 11011012 =
c) 3A816 =
d) 22145 =
Question 2:
Convert the following numbers to their binary representation:
a) 6910 =
b) 48510=
c) 6D1A16 =
Question 3:
Write a program that asks for the user’s name and prints a personalized welcome
message for him.
For example, an execution could look like:
Please enter you name:
Hi Mike, Welcome to CS-UY 1114
Question 4:
Textbook P.80, Q4:
The U.S. Cencus provides information on its web page (http://www.census.gov)
about the current U.S. population as well as approximate rates of change.
Three rates of change are provided:
– There is a birth every 7 seconds.
– There is a death every 13 seconds.
– There is a new immigrant every 35 seconds.
These are obviously approximations of birth, death, and immigration rates, but they
can assist in providing population estimates in the near term.
Write a program that takes years as input (as a integer) and prints out an estimated
population (as an integer). Assume that the current population is 307,357,870, and
assume that there are exactly 365 days in a year.
Hint: Note that the rate units are in seconds.
Submission instructions:
1. You should submit your homework in the NYU Classes system.
2. For this assignment you should turn in 3 files:
• A ‘.pdf‘ file with the base conversions (For questions 1 and 2).
Make sure to include the conversion calculations, not just the final
• Two ‘.py’ files, one containing a script for question 3 and the other for
question4. Name your files ‘q3.py’ and ‘q4.py’ respectively.