CS 3500 Assignment #6 solved


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Working in teams of three students (except for a small number of two-student teams), you will write a black-box test program for the FListDouble ADT that was specified in Assignments 2 and 3.

Collaboration between students who are not on the same team is forbidden for this assignment. Your team is responsible for keeping its code hidden from all other students.

Your team will submit exactly one memo and exactly one test program. You must submit both in order to receive a grade.

1.At the start of class on Friday, February 22, 2013 (late submissions will not be accepted), turn in a paper copy of a written memo that conveys the following information:

A.The names of all students on your team.

B.For each of the 10 implementations you are assigned to test (see below), list at least one of the bugs that your black-box tests discovered in that implementation and how it can be fixed. If your tests found no bugs, write “No errors found.”

2.Submit your TestFListDouble.java file using a CCIS Linux machine and following the instructions on the course’s main assignments web page, http://www.ccs.neu.edu/course/cs3500sp13/Assignments.html. (The submission command for Assignment 6 will be posted after the late submission deadline for Assignment 5.) You must submit your code before class (9:49am) on Friday, February 22, 2013. Late submissions will not be accepted. Your TestFListDouble.java file should begin with a block comment that lists:

1.All of your names, as you want the instructor to write them.

2.All of your email addresses.

3.Any remarks you wish to make to the instructor.

Part of your grade will depend on the quality of your written memo, part will depend upon how well your black-box tests find bugs, and part will depend upon the correctness of your code, the quality of its tests, and its readability (including comments and indentation). As always, part of your grade will depend on how well you follow the procedure above for submitting your work.


Your assignment is to write the code for a single file, TestFListDouble.java, that defines a public class TestFListDouble that defines a

public static void main(String[])

method that, when called with any array of strings, performs black-box testing of any and all implementations of the FListDouble ADT specified in Assignments 2 and 3.

(Note: Your main method should probably just ignore the array of strings that it receives as an argument, since you cannot rely on the number of strings or their content.)

The implementations you are assigned to test are among those found in the


directory. To test these files, you will probably have to rename each of them to FListDouble.java.